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Sherlock Holmes The Crossovers Casebook part 2 +The Bones +Black Wings of Cthulhu part 1

Sherlock Holmes The Crossovers Casebook edited by Howard Hopkins, part 2

The Adventure of the Magician’s Meetings

Houdini asks Holmes to investigate a medium.

The Adventure of the Ethical Assassin
The King of Bohemia returns after ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’ when he gets himself into trouble again.

The Adventure of the Imaginary Nihilist
A man asks Holmes to find a lost love.

The House on Moreau Street
Holmes nearly ends up as an experiment of Dr Moreau’s.

The Adventure of the Lost Specialist
Holmes and Watson have an encounter with parallel universes.

The Bones by Sheri S. Tepper

From the author of ‘Blood Heritage’ comes this sequel. Mahlia Ettison is married to Badger after the events of ‘Blood Heritage’. They plan to move on from the terrible events of that book by moving to a new home. Badger goes abroad on a job and Mahlia is left to get the new house ready and parent her stepson and new daughter. All is well, at first.

As Mahlia makes new friends, renovates her home and learns about the history of the quiet community – an unsettling fact becomes clear. Something is very wrong, dark magic is being worked and Mahlia must fight it. This is very good, a nice creepy unsettling read.

Best Line:
“A little something strange in your pond and children vanishing from time to time, but you didn’t bother to do anything about this?”

Black Wings of Cthulhu edited by S.T. Joshi, part 1

This collection of twenty one tales of Lovecraftian horror has a beautifully creepy cover.

Pickman’s Other Model
I think this was published elsewhere. This is a follow up to ‘Pickman’s Model’ and sees a man encounter another of the mad artist’s models. This is wonderfully creepy and is full of disturbing hints as to what may be going on.

Desert Dreams
A man dreams of the desert and ventures out to find the place he was dreaming of. It is a bad idea. This was good.

A man drives to a destination with no idea of what he’ll encounter when he gets there. This is creepy.

Best Line:
“The Labyrinth Where the Damned Howl.”

Copping Squid
A shop worker is hauled off to be a witness to something by a customer. This is okay.

Passing Spirits
A man has visions of Lovecraft and his creations. This was good.
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