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Heroes Season 3 Ep 10

The Eclipse, Part 1

Best Lines: "You serial killing scum of the earth!"

"I hate heroes!"

Arthur wiped Hiro's memory and somehow Ando has managed to get Hiro to Matt's apartment. Then the eclipse takes place and everyone loses their powers. Meanwhile Nathan and Peter head to Haiti where they have words and then Nathan is carried off by Baron Samedi.

This was an okay episode with some funny moments like Peter climbing on Nathan's back, Hiro bonding with Matt's turtle and Matt being called on his telepathic head twitching.

But the plot illogic is overwhelming the show: Why do Sandra and Claire continue to let Noah get away with his bullying and manipulation? Why on earth is Elle making out with Sylar? Nathan's ability is artificial so why is he affected by the eclipse? Whatever happened to the investigation into Nathan's shooting? Peter seems to have forgotten that his future self tried to kill Nathan and that he himself in one probable future did kill Nathan. That's Peter, solid bone from the neck up.
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