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Book Reviews: Discount Armageddon + Sherlock Holmes The Crossovers Casebook Part 1

Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

The 1st in the ‘InCryptid’ series. This starts out so well. Verity Price lives in a tiny apartment in NY, works in a titty bar, plans to be a ballroom dancer and protects humanity from monsters. Then she meets a member of he family’s arch foes: The Covenant of St George.

The Covenant are a humourless pack of people who kill anything they deem unworthy of life. So what does Verity do? She jumps into bed with the man. Sigh. At this point what had been fun and witty turns into a typical ‘Anita Blake’ shag and angst pile of crap. This was a disappointment. It could and should have been so much better.

Sherlock Holmes The Crossovers Casebook by Howard Hopkins, Part 1

From the publishing house who brought up ‘The Green Hornet Chronicles’ and ‘The Green Hornet Casefiles’ comes this collection of okay Holmes stories. It’s okay but nothing special.

Sherlock Holmes In The Lost World
Exactly what it says on the tin, this was previously published elsewhere.

The Scion Of Fear
A sequel to ‘The Sign of Four'.

The Petrifying Well
Holmes and the man who will become Lawrence of Arabia solve a mysterious murder.

The Adventure Of The Fallen Stone
This is a sequel to the novel ‘The Peerless Peer’ and sees Holmes and co running around having pulpy adventures.

The Secret Of Grant’s Tomb
Treasure seekers are nefarious.

The Haunted Manor
Holmes, Watson and Calamity Jane solve a murder.

The Adventure Of The Sinister Chinaman
Holmes and Watson must save man from a mob when a magic trick goes awry.

The Folly Of Flight
Holmes and thief Arsene Lupine team up to save Watson from a maniacal hot air balloonist.

Sherlock Holmes And The Other Eye
Holmes has to clear Aleister Crowley of stealing a cursed diamond.
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