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Babylon Fields (2007) Review

This was a pilot that did not get made into a series and it is easy to see why. It has a good idea: the dead return as zombies and just want to resume their old lives but the acting and pacing is bad. Various boring characters tool around their town of Babylon being boring.

Then a mother and daughter return home to find their dead abusive husband/father sitting in the house drinking beer and being a jackass. They react with bad bad acting. Bad dead dad (Jamey Sheridan of ‘The Stand’, 'Arrow' and ‘Homeland’) has some zombie make up but other than that is just a smug snake.

A cop sees a graveyard full of a horde of zombies. That is creepy. The zombies aren’t flesh eaters or aggressive and being shot in the head does not stop them. They just want their lives back. People think it is the rapture. A man shoots at zombies with a rifle and builds a DIY rocket launcher: “It’s amazing what you can make out of household goods.”

It does get interesting. The cop’s dead wife is back but he won’t see her and the back-story about dead bad dad, his wife and children is disturbing. It’s not as boring as most of season 1 of ‘The Walking Dead’ and there is a brilliant shout out to ‘Dawn of the Dead’.

A man of God is the voice of reason, no one pays much attention. There is mass panic. A dead boy wanders around with worms crawling over him looking for his family. Bad dead dad chats to his dead neighbour as they put out the trash. There are some amusing lines such as bad dead dad noting: “Computers got thinner.”

Bad dead dad figures out how he died and goes on being an unrepentant abusive creep. There are too many musical montages. The dead rising seems to be world wide. The pilot ends as a number of possible and creepy plot arcs are raised. This was goodish but would have been better as a TV movie.
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