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The Secret Circle 1x17 + Fringe 4x16 Reviewed


I’m close to giving up on this show. Adam and Cassie bask in the afterglow of their crow killing shag. Adam reveals he has been panting after Cassie since Day One. John reveals there is curse to stop them getting together and it will kill one of the circle.

Faye is harassed by Lee’s crazy ex Eva. Cassie’s grandmother has had her brain scrambled. Adam and Cassie rub their shagging in Diana’s face. Poor Diana. Jake’s dying, why does anyone care? Dawn and Charles plot to regain their powers, something they are still no closer to since 1x01.

Jake is still a troll and he and the boring Adam are still fighting over Cassie’s lady parts. What do they see in the dim bulb who dresses in slutty casual? Jake angsts over killing Calvin and claims he had no choice. He can’t act.

Adam drinks a potion and heads home to watch ‘Game of Thrones’. Cassie cries in a display of wooden acting. Dawn and John discuss his nefariousness. More is raised about Ethan and Amelia’s ‘destiny’. John the crazy homeless man power walks. Why has Jake not brought up Cassie’s half-sibling? This was dire.

Best Line:
Since when does Lee think?”

Nothing Is As It Seems

This is a sequel to 1x13 'The Transformation' which was about a man who turned into a monster in an airplane toilet. This time he does not turn into the monster until the plane has landed. This allows the Fringe team to learn he is part of a cult into “Mutation by design“.

Olivia deals with an annoying shrink, Peter gets no apology from anyone about how they treated him like crap and no-one is concerned that the timeline has been changed. Lincoln Lee whines and TPTB will not stop SHOVING the prat down our throats.

Massive Dynamic has crap security, Lee gets infected and the day is saved sort of. This was good but with a bizarre ending. Why do people want to turn into those monsters?

Best Line:
“Children of the new world.”
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