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Trailers, wonderful trailers

There will be no review of ‘Touch’ 1x03.

‘True Blood’ season 5 promo
Not impressed.

‘Dark Secret of Harvest Home’ (1979) promo
This 1979 Bette Davis miniseries looks interesting.

‘Dark Shadows’ (2012) trailer
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp ham it up with bad make up and bad jokes. I think I’ll stick with the 1991 soap version. This just looks silly with overacting and dumb lines.

‘Prometheus’ trailer
This looks good.

Best Lines:
“We were so wrong.”

“I think they want us to come and find them.”

“An invitation.”
“From whom?”

‘Poison Candy’ (
1988) trailer
This old BBC TV movie looks good. Two children torment their neighbours, one of whom is John Hurt. Look interesting.

‘War of the Worlds’ (1989) Season 1 opening Credits
Looks cheestastic but good. Plus Ironhorse is hot. I think I may review this. But only season 1.
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