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Book Reviews: The Titanic Tragedy + Historical Lovecraft + Swordhunt + Hotel Transylvania

The Titanic Tragedy by William Seil

Sidney Reilly gets Dr Watson to join Sherlock Holmes on a mission. Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler’s daughter are doing some spy stuff at the behest of Winston Churchill. So Holmes, Watson and Irene Adler’s spawn head off on the RMS Titanic.

This was contrived and badly written. Professor Moriarty’s brother shows up alongside annoying cardboard characters. There are exposition dumps and this is boring.

Historical Lovecraft edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles

This is an enjoyable slim anthology of Lovecraftian encounters throughout history.

If Only To Taste Her Again
The Pharaoh Hatshepsut receives gifts from a strange land. Okay.

Shadows Of The Darkest Jade
Two Buddhist monks in ancient China stumble across an unfathomable thing. Good.

The Chronicle of Aliyat Son Of Aliyat
A man comes amongst the Philistines making promises and threats. Okay.

Silently, Without Cease
Plague ravages the Byzantine Empire. Okay.

The Good Bishop Pays The Price
By the Euxine Sea, two men encounter a mysterious book. Good.

An Interrupted Sacrifice
In Peru, a priestess finds herself the sacrifice. Very good.

The City Of Ropes
In 10th century Rome, a familial feud brings doom. Good.

The Spanish Inquisition finds something in a temple in the jungle good.

Best Line:
“Something deep in those ruins knows I am there.”

The Far Deep
A great sea battle is interrupted by Deep Ones. Okay.

An Idol For Emiko
A creepy tale of a fishing village in 17th century Japan. Good

The Second Theft Of Alhazred’s Manuscript
A ‘Sherlock Holmes’ story in which our heroes look for a stolen book of arcane knowledge. Okay.

Black Hill
An oil field is the setting for this creepy tale.

Star Trek #95 Rihannsu Book 3: Swordhunt by Diane Duane

From 2000 comes this follow up to ‘My Enemy, My Ally’ and ‘The Romulan Way’. The Romulan Empire is angry about the events of ‘My Enemy, My Ally’ and ‘The Romulan Way’ and are determined to avenge the acts of the Romulan renegades led by Ael. So a plan is set in motion.

Meanwhile Ael and Captain Kirk have to work together again. Whilst on Romulus housekeeper turned Senator Arrhae is sent on a mission for the Empire. Arrhae still fears exposure as deep cover human spy but is determined to do her duty for the Federation and the Empire.

Plans and counter plans are coming together. This is a good read with Romulan plotting, Kirk angsting and technobbbale. The story continues in ‘Honor Blade’.

Best Lines:
“The Service is the Senate’s servant. Does it not say so, in great handsome letters, right around the seal emblazoned across your main building in Ra’tleihfi?”

“So it was that Deihu Arrhae I-Khellian was sent off to spy on the Federation; and at the back of her mind Terise Haleakala-LoBrutto, sent off years ago by the Federation to spy on the Romulans, found the jest very choice.”

Hotel Transylvania by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

The 1st Saint Germian novel is set in Paris during the reign of Louis XV. Le Comte de Saint Germian has made his name in society for being a nobleman of charm and wit. Madelaine de Montalia falls for Le Comte. But danger lurks.

A coven of would be Satanists/decadent and bored noblemen are planning to sacrifice Madelaine. Can Saint Germian save her? This is an enjoyable read as Saint Germian meets his second great love after the ill-fated Olivia. Madelaine de Montalia also appears in her own novel ‘Out Of The House Of Life’ which sees her in Egypt.
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