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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Review, Part 2

Around The Bend
Pete acts like a child and runs into old co-worker Kate (Tia Carrere of ‘Relic Hunter’). Pete suspects that Regent Valda (Mark A. Sheppard of ‘Supernatural’) is corrupt. Claudia is arrogant, obnoxious and self obsessed. There is unsubtle writing. Valda lurks. Myka thinks Pete is drinking again.

Pete overacts. Myka is useless and weepy. Pete screams. This was okay but suffers from an essential lack of seriousness and is feather light.

For The Team
Myka and Claudia go on a mission. Lindsay Wagner guest stars as Artie’s love interest. What happened to his obsession with James’ wife? Myka and Claudia investigate strange goings on involving a college wrestling team. Pete acts like a moron again. HG Wells shows up to annoy and demonstrate that she can’t act. Myka falls for the line of BS that HG is spewing. This was idiotic and full of bad acting.

Best Line:
“Pain, lots, not good.”

Merge With Caution
Claudia and Artie do boring crap. Pete takes his shirt off again. Myka goes to her school reunion. Pete and Myka switch bodies in a frenzy of truly bad acting. This show is dead to me.

Best Line:
“They were trapped in the ice you know for two years. They still had the good sense not to open that.”

Pete and Myka’s old boss is murdered. Artie gives us his back-story. HG Wells and her dreadful acting show up. No-one has yet explained how she and James ended up working together. The soap opera about Claudia’s love life is still being dragged out. There are horrible murders and Myka is stupid beyond words as she convinces a Warehouse big wig (Faran Tahir of 2009’s ‘Star Trek’) to hire HG Wells back as a Warehouse agent. The stupid, it burns!

Where And When

HG Wells shows off her time machine and sends the moronic Myka and Pete back to 1961. TPTB have been watching ‘Mad Men’. Pete and Myka stumble around 1961 trying and failing to be Don and Betty Draper, they meet the 1961 boss (Armin Shimmerman), a red herring suspect (David Anders of 'Heroes') and somehow overlook the obvious baddie. Season 2 has gone down the toilet due to the writers making everyone a moron.

Best Lines:
“This is probably going to hurt.”
“It already does, a lot.”

Pete makes out with his vet girlfriend. Warehouse 2 has been found under the Egyptian desert. Pete, Myka and HG Wells head off to ‘Egypt’ and pose against bad bad blue screen. Valda dies. And guess what? HG Wells has been a baddie all along. Duh! This was terrible.

Pete and Myka make the stupidest escape ever. HG Wells is rebuilding a Minoan weapon of mass destruction so she can end the world by triggering the Yellowstone super volcano. TPTB have HG in season 3 and so I’m done with this show. The bad writing, the turning everyone into a moron and HG Wells who can’t act stuffed into the show have killed my enjoyment,

Pete nearly gets axed to death, HG Wells waves around a huge trident and we expected to believe that James wanted to end the world? No he didn’t. This has a stupid ending and so I’m done. End of.

Best Lines:
“Resurrection is a dangerous practice and always comes at a price.”
Yeah look at Mickey Rourke.”
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