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Death Valley 1x10 Review

Assault On Precinct UTF

The shrill Landry is still hanging around the UTF like a bad smell. She whines non-stop. Two LAPD officers join the UTF, one doesn’t even make it until the opening credits as zombies attack the station.

The weapons locker has been cleaned out and everyone suspects Landry of selling out to the vampires. She whines about being suspected overlooking the fact that her lying and covering up led to this.

Rico the smug vampire is locked in a cell and is still smug. A zombie is fought off with a drawer. There is lots of fighting. Landry is still not fired and people die. This was not good. I can’t stand Landry’s whining.

Best Lines:
“They were regular prisoners an hour ago.”

“Put a shirt on.”

“We’re literally taking shots in the dark out there.”
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