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Homeland 1x12

Marine One

Carrie’s depressed. Saul goes digging for information and Brody prepares for his mission. We know Brody’s motivations, but what are Walkers? What will become of Brody’s taped statement? Where is the President during all this?

Chris is stupid, Dana annoys, the plot thickens, Saul uncovers something hidden and Carrie runs around shouting and flinging accusations. Carrie runs at Dana, Chris and Jessica screaming about her theories. Carrie is Cassandra.

The VP and others fail to notice Brody twitching like a meth addict. Truths are revealed and there is much over acting. This was okay but where can the show go from here?

Best Lines:
“She’s never going to set foot in Langley again.”

“Not this again.”

“You’re not listening to me.”
“Course I’m not listening to you.”
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