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The Secret Circle 1x16 +Fringe 4x15+Ringer 1x17+White Heat Episode Four Reviewed


Cassie is a snotty little madam, again. Jake the token evil team member is snotty. Lee and his girlfriend Eva with the silly voice have issues. Diana eyeballs a new guy. There is bad acting. Adam and Cassie are terrible pathetic human beings. John learns that is was Ethan and Amelia who betrayed the circle. This puts Charles murder of her back in 1x01 in a whole new light.

Ethan is still on his Cassie and Adam ‘written in the stars’ crap. Who was Adam’s mother? Lee’s full on pig man tendencies are revealed. Cassie jumps Adam’s bones, poor Diana. This was awful. What happened to demons being the circle’s arch foes?

Best Line:
“Wasn’t it just last week we saved her from a voodoo drug pusher?”

A Short Story About Love

There are bizarre murders and everyone is stupid. Peter has something in his eye. Olivia catches the mad killer. Lincoln Lee is really annoying. A device like the one seen in season 1’s ‘The Arrival’ shows up. Peter is finally told that he has been home all along. Duh duh duh DUH!!! This was boring and galacticly stupid.

What We Have Is Worth The Pain

Andrew and Olivia act like daytime soap villains. There is bad acting. Victor stalks Macawi and is ever useless. A jackass annoys Juliet and she finally gets a clue. Andrew threatened to kill Siobhan at one point, can’t really blame him. Siobhan makes another transatlantic flight, how is she funding them? Psycho Siobhan justifies herself to the really stupid Henry. Bridget’s dim, Tessa’s alive and this is dumb.

Best Lines:
“Is there nothing else for you to do in Paris?”

“When Bridget dies, it will fix everything.”

The Personal Is Political

It is 1979 and it seems this show’s journey through the 70s will be as fast as their journey through the 60s. Charlotte is no longer a teacher, she works for the BBC. What? How? Why? Alan and Lilly are to marry. Thatcher is now PM. Jay goes ‘looking for badgers’ and a bad experience makes him decide to come out to his parents.

Jack is now a trendy leftie reporter and planning to be an MP. His display of actual competence at politics makes his father almost respect him but this is Jack. Naturally defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory when Jack’s behaviour nearly get Victor sent down, again. Why are any of these people still friends with Jack?

Orla pities a beggar. Lilly’s parents show up for her wedding and Jay’s coming out takes place off screen. All the reaction we get is a quick shot of Jay’s brother throwing him out the door. Poor Jay.

In the present the former flatmates visit their old pub which is now a wine bar, Alan and Lilly are still together and Charlotte is still a misery guts. This is okay, the characters do engage except for Charlotte. Even Jack is interesting in this ep.

Best Lines:
“Who is it?”
“Just the skip man.”

“When Margaret Thatcher walks into Downing Street, just remember it’s your beloved left who held the door open.”
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