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'Touch' may be dead to me already

There will be no review of ‘Touch’ 1x02 as it was awful.

There will be no reviews of ‘The Drowning Girl’ or ‘Plaguetown’. I will be reviewing: ‘First Frontier’, ‘Ancient Enchantresses’, ‘Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook’, ‘The Company of the Dead’, ‘The Book of the Maidservant’, ‘Dark Storm’, ‘Boot Camp’, ‘The Return Man’, ‘Doubletake’, ‘A Dangerous Climate’ and ‘The Bones’.

I am reading ‘Discount Armageddon’

‘Bones’ Quote:
“If a regular sized person tried to intimidate you, you’d threaten to kick him through the window. But because in his case, it’s an actual physical possibility...”

‘Doctor Who’
series 7 promo
Silly hats, overblown music, reckless gun usage and Amy Pond being annoying. I’m not impressed.

Best Lines:
“Aggressive stares.”

“Give me a Dalek any day.”

'The Host’ teaser trailer
This looks interesting: “It is no longer your world.”

‘Revenge’ 1x17 promo
“You scare me.”

'The River’ 1x07 promo
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