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Sapphire & Steel Review, Part Five

Assignment Six

Episode 1

Sapphire, Steel and Silver lurk at a service station for their final TV adventure. Sapphire wears bright blue tights. Silver wears a glitter vest and has a bad hairdo. In the opening credits, Lead is replaced by Mercury. But nothing ever came of that. A mysterious couple act suspiciously and mouth breathe. Silver is ever useless and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“Are they real?”

“They’re married, but not to each other.”

“Have you questioned them?”
“No, not yet. I thought I’d leave that to you. I’m not very good at intimidation.”

Episode 2
Steel plays pinball. People yap at each other and wander around. Sapphire worries. It is mentioned that the ‘Elements’ or whatever they are, are divided up into Specialists, Operators and Investigators. Silver is a Specialist whilst Sapphire and Steel are Operators. Also the ‘Elements’ get briefings. This was not good.

Best Line:
“We were the images that time. We were the ones that didn’t belong.”

Episode 3
A gypsy shows up gurning and wearing too much blusher. Steel broods in his middle management suit. Sapphire sees visions and realises part of what is going on. The annoying woman annoys. Sapphire and Steel have met either their evil counterparts or the transuranics. This was dull.

Best Line:
“They’re like us Steel.”

Episode 4
Sapphire and Steel faces their nemesis‘: The Transient Beings. Who the Beings are and why they resent the duo is not explained. A Transient Being walks through a glass door and tosses Steel around. Why do they trust the annoying woman? Why does Steel become a moron? Time Boxes are waved. Silver vanishes. Where is he? Was he part of the plot? Why is Steel confused? This was goodish and ends on a downer. However as the duo went on to have audio adventures, they did escape at some point.

Best Lines:
“We’re resented. They resent us.”

“They always were better organised.”

“The Transient Beings are locked in the past where they belong.”
“So far yes.”

“Years will become thousands of years. There is nothing but space.”

“This place is nowhere and it’s forever.”
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