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TV Review: Reaper Season 1 Eps 16-18

Greg Schmeg

Best Line:"Come with me if you want to live. Seriously you're screwed here."

Andi's ex-boyfriend Greg is back and he's sold his soul to the devil to get
Andi back. Sam helps Greg out by giving up his 'Get Out Of Hell Free' card.
Meanwhile Ben and his green card bride from hell have issues.

An okay episode. Did the devil set the whole thing up to screw with Sam? Oh
yeah. But why?

The Leak

Best Lines: "Sam is the son of the devil."

"Me, devil. You, minion."

"Is she okay?"
"She'll walk it off."

Sam hunts down a soul (Richard Burgi) who keeps being let out of hell. Meanwhile
Tony and the demons make a startling revelation about Sam's paternity. The
big reveal has been foreshadowed all season and will probably be the driving
force of season 2. Is Sam the accidental antichrist? I think he is.

Good. The whole paternity reveal is a good direction for the show.

Sam drives a hybrid - is that a metaphor? Ray Wise (the devil) has experience with playing warped father/child
relationships in his most famous role in 'Twin Peaks'.


Best Lines:
"This cage will hold the black soul of the devil's son for all eternity."

"You are the son of satan Sam."

"They made a deal to bear the child of Lucifer!"

"This is the heir to the devil's domain. The harbinger of the apocalypse. He
will rise to power in his lifetime and bring about the destruction of human

Tony and co are sure Sam is "Satan's Spawn" and decide to do something very
unpleasant to him. Sam escapes nearly being murdered by demons believing his
fake dad is dead. However Sam is unaware that his parents have big secrets
of their own. Sam, Ben and Sock decided Sam would suck at being the
antichrist so all is well. Or is it?

Okay. Sam is satan's spawn, I'm sure of it, which should make season 2 very

If Sam is the antichrist what the hell is his forgotten brother Kyle? Sock running around with Sam on his back was hilarious. The sight of Angel Steve was a twee sap flashback to 'Touched by an Angel'. What the hell are Mr and Mrs Oliver? So the devil goes from inflicting some parental violence to actually seeming concerned for Sam. Can anyone see Sam destroying the world?
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