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Homeland 1x10 + 1x11 Reviewed

Representative Brody

The VP asks Brody to run for office. Someone finally asks why the CIA are getting away with operating on American soil. Carrie and co take over a bank to harass a diplomat. Brody talks to Mike, who still does not apologise. Mike is still a tool.

Carrie’s bluff is called and so she ups the ante. Then she hurls herself at Brody. Where is the President during all this? An attempt to capture Walker is a park is suitably tense. This was okay, the show is finally engaging me. It’s better than ‘Law & Order: LA’ that’s for sure.

Best Lines:
“He doesn’t mean that.”
“Yes I do.”

“Yummy yummy yummy.”

The Vest

Successional protocol has the VP on lockdown. Carrie’s maniac. Dana rebels and Saul finally finally gets a clue that Carrie is bipolar. Carrie’s off her meds and going psycho. The VP is a git. Brody makes a metaphor laden speech on the battle of Gettysburg, no-one knows what he really means.

Brody gets a disturbing ‘gift’, Chris is stupid, Saul sets up Carrie’s wall of crazy and the Brody’s do it in a motel. That motel mattress is probably as hygienic as a brothel mattress. The delights of sexposition. Dana annoys and Brody blows up Carrie’s life. This was good.

Best Lines:
“He maims en-masse.”

“That’d kill her security clearance forever.”

“I wrote a 45 page manifesto declaring I’d reinvented music. The Professor I handed it to escorted me to student health...I wasn’t even in his class.”

“That is a mischaracterization!”

“Sometimes I think I need to empty my refrigerator and set it on fire.”
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