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Ringer 1x16 + White Heat Ep 3 Reviewed

You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

Bridget no longer trusts Andrew because of the Ponzi scheme. Siobhan plots. Tyler is stupid. There is bad acting. There is no sign or mention of Tessa, Mr Carpenter or the driver. Victor Machado’s career circles the drain and he has flashbacks to encountering a drugged up skanky Bridget and banging his CI.

Henry is a tool. Victor’s horrible boss doesn’t like him or his boomerang shaped eyebrows. Olivia is nasty. Siobhan plots some more. Henry has nothing better to do then be Siobhan’s lapdog and harass Bridget. His dead wife, kids and book seem to matter little to him. Bridget broods and wears a horrible horrible coat. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“There is no palatable exit strategy.”

“How many guys was your sister sleeping with?”
“Too many.”

“Everything in this house is paid for with stolen money.”

The Dark Side Of The Moon

The present day Charlotte, Lilly and Victor are joined by Alan. He’s a lot nicer than he was back in the day. There are extensive flashbacks to 1973. Where did the rest of the 60s go?

All the men wear huge wide ties and have bad perms that make them look like rejects from ‘The Professionals’. Charlotte has ditched her miniskirts and red plastic raincoat for longer hair and boring clothes. She’s also a teacher (!) and got arrested for protesting at the Miss World contest, sadly that happened off screen. Jay has come out of the closet to Alan’s disgust. Charlotte is still with Jack who treats her badly, she is oblivious to Victor caring for her. What does Victor see in her? Charlotte is a teacher?! How?!?

Jack’s dad Edward moans about being squeezed out of the cabinet by people like Thatcher. Orla’s brother is in trouble. Charlotte’s mother gets ECT; her ex-husband does not care as he has a new family to bond with. There’s a mention of OPEC. Lilly cries over having no artistic talent and she and Alan get together.

Jack’s dad inherits the family Viscount title. Orla suffers a loss. Jack’s a junkie and Charlotte is still obsessed with him. She is the sort of woman who hangs outside jails, waiting for future boyfriends to come out. This was boring and mediocre. TPTB’s obsession with the tedious Jack/Charlotte crap is annoying.

Best Lines:
“You have the monopoly on all things moral don’t you?”

“If I needed further proof of my total irrelevance to you, today was it.”
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