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The Secret Circle 1x15 + Fringe 4x14 Reviewed


Jake the show killer stalks Cassie. I bet all the witch hunters are actually self hating witches. Cassie and her bad bad bad acting encounters her long lost evil dad John (Joe Lando). It’s a let down as John looks like a low rent meth dealer who turns tricks in truck stop men’s rooms.

Adam lurks. Jake is a worm and a liar. Witch hunter Eben shows up, Ethan tries to be a big man. Melissa goes to a voodoo party with her latest bad boyfriend. This was a terrible ep and everyone is stupid.

Callum and Lee are jerks but who cares. It’s all about Cassie, again. John is stupid and magicless. Or is he? The circle save Jake from peril for some unknown reason. Dawn is nowhere to be seen. This was abysmal with bad acting and stupidity all round.

Best Lines:
“Nothing says ‘I care’ like a power sucking totem.”

The End of All Things

Lincoln Lee pontificates and makes ‘fierce’ faces. Shut up Lincoln Lee you enormous tool. David Robert Jones and his over enunciating is back. Where is the Peter Woodward observer? Why could Peter use an observer weapon?

September shows up and reveals the ‘big secret’ of the observer. It’s as about as much a wham moment as anything in season 6 of ‘Lost’. There’s bad blue screen, Peter learns about his son with alt Olivia and still has not copped on that he is home but in a changed timeline. How stupid is he?!??! This ep made my eyes tired.

Jones skips off back home, Peter is an idiot in peril and Walter’s just an idiot. What happened to the shape shifter Walternate was so worried about? Sigh, this was crap.

Best Lines:
“We are one of the countless possible futures for humanity.”

“He was born to the wrong Olivia...this event would have irrevocably altered everything.”
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