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Lost season 4 finale

No Place Like Home Parts 2&3

Best Lines:

"They will follow your every word."

"Don't you dare bring him back!"

"You just killed everyone on that boat."

When the credits rolled I screamed. They left it there?

Richard, the Others, Kate and Sayid team up to save Ben from the mercenaries. Ben moves
the island via a frozen wheel. Locke is now lord and master of the Others
cult (or so Ben and Richard lead him to believe). Keamy finally gets his.
The freighter blows up killing Jin, Michael, the freighter crew and various
redshirt lostaways. Daniel and a raft of people are left stranded. the
Oceanic 6 + Desmond and Frank are rescued by Penny. The Oceanic 6 stage
their own rescue. A flash-forward shows that Jack and Ben are plotting to go
back to the island and that Locke is dead, apparently murdered by Widmore.

Good. A very satisfying season overall. The Others showing off their ninja powers is a higlight. The helicopter flight over the island is ominious. Keamy calling Richard, Ben's boyfriend was hilarious. Ben agrees to Richard's deal with Sayid and Kate. What is their relationship? How did things go from their first meeting as shown in 'The Man Behind The Curtain' to this? Why was Ben cursing Jacob as he moved the wheel? Was his illness a sign the island/Jacob rejected him? Does Walt have to go back to the island too or just the Oceanic 6? What about Desmond and Frank? Did anyone know where Walt was to visit him? How is the freighter visible from the beach all of a sudden? Charlotte was on the island before? Let me guess she's Ben's daughter by Annie. Why did Jin stay with the bomb? Where is the island? Or should I say islands as apparently both moved? Did the Looking Glass station move too? What is Sun up to with Widmore? The Others come across as cult like with Locke being greeted by Richard. A frozen wheel? Seriously? The island disappears and everyone treats it like a normal occurrence except Jack. Kate's on probation and shouldn't have that gun. Why did Claire in the dream speak with an American accent? So where are Penny, Desmond and Frank hiding out? What very bad things happened after Jack and co left? Let me guess Locke sucked as leader and had to move the frozen wheel? Who killed Locke? What are Ben and Jack planning to do with Locke? Strap his coffin to the
roof of Jack's car and cruise through LA?

This was a good season. I look forward to season 5. Please make Richard a
regular and do NOT kill him off. Please explain his and Ben's bizarre
relationship. Congrats to the guy who played Keamy for portraying the most
vile, hateable 'Lost' character ever. Now just let Keamy stay dead. What
will season 5 bring us?
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