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Death Valley 1x08 Review

Undead Hookers

Why did MTV axe this? Was it not fiercely real enough for them? The blood for sex trade is on the rise. So Carla goes undercover as a vampire hooker. Billy says crack is 90s and mocks ‘True Blood’. Undercover work is treacherous, a cop becomes a zombie and the vampires are plotting. This was good.

Best Lines:
“They got outrun by a chubby hooker in stilettos.”

“He’s a nice crack head.”

“In two minutes this guy’s gonna be crazier than Charlie Sheen.”

“Davis is somewhere, walking somewhere else.”

“Do vampires have the power to control zombies?”
“Not on ‘True Blood’ Jamie, but uh you know what, you can add up all the stuff that doesn’t make sense on that show and make an entire new show.”
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