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Ringer 1x15 + White Heat Ep 2 Reviewed

P.S. You’re An Idiot

Bridget and Henry are dumb; neither could drive nails into a bog with a saucepan. Siobhan is having twins but who is the father? Bridget wears a metallic coat and gets all simpery when Andrew asks her to ‘remarry’ him. Bridget tries on a hideous fluffy wedding dress and gets all tearful.

Olivia has a partner in evil codenamed Xerxes. Who is it? Don’t know yet. Olivia fires Malcolm. Juliet is dim about 2/3 of her trust fund being gone. Malcolm figures out the big secret of Martin/Charles.

Catherine plays Mr Carpenter; their coupling is the scariest thing since Rose McGowan’s pillow face. Bridget makes some unwelcome discoveries. Siobhan and Henry continue being plotting tools, droning on about their plans like a Monseigneur down a bad line from Medjugorie. This was okay.

Eve Of Destruction

The older Charlotte, Lilly and Victor sit around being awkward. How did snotty cliché dolly bird Charlotte turn into such a pinch-faced misery guts? Nobody went to the dead person’s funeral plus some unforgiven incident wrecked all closeness between the three. It has been twenty years since they all last met. Charlotte says when the flat is sold; the money will be divided up between the former flatmates. Well good luck with that.

Flashbacks to 1967/1968 take place. Nobody has a Vidal Sassoon cut. Jack’s dad cuts him off after the maid finds a stash of Jack’s LSD. Jack continues to be a hypocritical twit. Orla works as an artists model and is patronised by the closet case Jay.

The gang discuss a recent viewing of ‘Cool Hand Luke’. Charlotte learns her father is divorcing her mother. Her mother is having a breakdown but the selfish self obsessed Charlotte pays no attention until her washed out mother ends up in the loony bin after a suicide attempt. Charlotte’s two brothers are never seen during any of this.

Jack shags Lilly and Lilly ends up in trouble. Orla helps Lilly take care of it. Meanwhile the oblivious selfish Charlotte is ranting about the outdated bourgeois. Victor mocks Jack and calls him “Comrade Jack”; Victor’s dry sense of humour is wonderful. Shame the older Victor has become a sad man thanks to his vile ‘friends’.

Vietnam war protests and discussions about the Common Market take place. Charlotte is a snot to Orla and Jack causes Victor to get arrested. Why anyone puts up with Charlotte or Victor is a mystery. This was okay and Bob Dylan plays on the soundtrack. This is an entertaining show but Charlotte and Jack are dislikeable jerks.
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