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Sherlock series 3 hopes

There will be no review of ‘America Pacifica’, but there will be reviews of ‘Beauty Queens’, ‘Shift’, ‘Disappearing Nightly’, ‘Nightshifted’, ‘Cursed’, ‘Blue Blooded Vamp’ and ‘Darker Jewels’.

So series 3 of 'Sherlock' in 2013. I hope TPTB will focus on the fact that Sherlock and John have an emotionally and verbally abusive 'friendship.' Sherlock demeans John, isolates him and makes sure every aspect of his life revolves around Sherlock. Why does John put up with it? Because Sherlock is exciting and fun maybe. Sherlock drugged John even knowing he has PTSD and the whole faked death and watching John at his grave just amps up the damaging abusive dynamics of their 'friendship'.
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