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Battlestar Season 4 Ep 10 Review


Best Line: "This is the end of the line. We've got nowhere else to go."

So much is packed into this episode. The cylons and the ragtag fleet have
yet another face-off. Tigh comes out of the cylon closet prompting Adama to
have the shortest psychotic break on record. Anders and Tyrol are dragged
out of the cylon closet. Tory defects to the cylons. Lee grants the four
amnesty. The 5th is unfound. Lee gives up the Presidency to Roslin. The
cylons and humans work together to find Earth.

Earth is found and it is a radioactive nuclear wasteland. The cylons and
humans stagger around looking shell-shocked. Credits roll.

Good. The final scene is just shocking. The highlight is Adama's psychotic break. Olmos gives it his all with the screaming, flailing and drooling. Poor Anders is so scared as he is hauled off. The arrival at Earth is a beautiful scene. The final scene is a shocker. If this had been the final ever episode, this would have been a good finale. The show could end as it started, bleakly. So what'll become of Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Tory now? Where do they go from here? Who is the 5th? What was the point of President Lee? So what happened to Starbuck?
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