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The Secret Circle 1x14 + Fringe 4x13 + Bones 6x19 Reviewed


Jake bangs Faye and is a vile tool. Cassie will not shut up. Lee is not what he seems. The witch hunters lurk. There is bad acting. Adam bores. Faye hosts a sleepover and is treated like crap by her ‘friends’ in her own home. More about Cassie’s mean old daddy is revealed.

Faye is tired of everything being about Cassie and deep down Diana is too. Why do they put up with Jake? Why is Adam such a wuss? Where is the parental supervision? Adam has no tact and gets possessed by a coven of dead witches. Jake is loathsome. This was boring and lame.

Best Lines:
Bitch hurry.”

“That medallion holds the power of a thousand cursed souls.”

A Better Human Being

Bad acting, Lincoln Lee and an idiot plot. Olivia recalls the real timeline. Walter is stupid, Nina is evil and IVF babies have a hive mind. This was tedious.

Best Line:
Really aren’t any normal days in this job are there?”

The Finder

This is a poorly disguised pilot for a new show. Bones and Booth hire a Finder and his legal adviser (Michael Clarke Duncan) and his bartender/Jill of all trades (Saffron Burrows) to find a missing map to a treasure ship. The Finder is named Walter who is a brain damaged war vet and one of those annoying quirky nut jobs you only get on US TV shows like ‘Psych‘.

Burrows puts on a stupid accent and Walter falls for a doomed trashy woman. Danny Trejo pops up as a Bishop. There is no Sweets at all this ep. Walter angsts and does ‘quirky’ things and it’s actually rather enjoyable. It is better than ‘Burn Notice’ that is for sure. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I’m sure she’s the nice kind of meth smuggler.”

“I advise against homicide.”

“G Man. Skeleton babe.”
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