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Sapphire & Steel Review, Part 2

Assignment Two

Episode 2

Steel is hard, cold and unfriendly. Sapphire senses an overwhelming feeling of hatred and sees visions of soldiers. Tully guesses that Sapphire and Steel can communicate telepathically. There is a recording of heavy breathing. I’m not scared. Steel experiences the death of an RAF pilot.

Best Lines:
“It is without life.”

“Sometimes I wonder why they bother to send us here.”

Episode 3
Sapphire saves Steel by glowering. Tully lights the lights. Steel plans to annoy the ghosts, he succeeds. Sapphire and Tully are in peril. This was not good.

Episode 4
Why doesn’t Steel do his absolute zero trick? The solider makes threats. Steel, Sapphire and Tully flop around in the dark. Steel is unpleasant. There is yelling and a séance. This was boring and I’m disappointed so far.

Episode 5
Sapphire channels a spirit. The solider, whose name is Sam, died just after the armistice. Tully yells. Sapphire is in peril, again. The promisingly spooky storyline has been wasted in this boring ep.

Episode 6
Sapphire’s mind is trapped on the platform with the ghosts. Steel wanders around, is menaced and is left artistically draped on barbed wire by malevolent ghosts. This was okay.

Episode 7
Steel wakes up back in his suit. Sapphire wakes up. Steel points out that he does not sleep. The Darkness has shunted them 12 days into the future. Steel kisses Sapphire on the cheek. Tully lurks. Steel gets Sapphire to make contact with the Darkness.

Episode 8
Steel negotiates with the Darkness. The ghosts learn they were lied to. Steel makes a deal. Everything is resolved. Sapphire and Steel fade away but not before Steel does a leap of joy. This was okay.
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