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Ringer 1x14 Review

Whores Don’t Make That Much

Catherine wants Juliet to live with her in Miami. Mr Carpenter got 10 million dollars - how dumb is Andrew? Henry is a tool. Siobhan’s baby daddy Dylan (Misha Collins of ‘Supernatural’) shows up and Bridget is angry.

Bridget recalls how seven years ago Dylan was a plaid wearing loser, Siobhan was mean and how Bridget was a carer for Siobhan’s son Sean. The sisters and Sean lived together and then there was a terrible accident that led to the rift. Plus Siobhan had Dylan beaten up.

Dylan has a new family but thanks to Siobhan’s rejection and her own guilt Bridget spiralled into drugs/drinking/stripping/hooking. Siobhan’s motives remain obscure. She was always cold. But when did she dream up whatever elaborate scam she is puling?

Thanks to Juliet, Tessa ends up in a coma. When and how was their idiot money grubbing plan hatched? The mastermind of Juliet’s plan is revealed. Misha Collins pulls faces, he isn’t that good an actor.

Best Line:
“There’s a familiar sight. Dylan’s back as he walks away.”
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