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Moonlight 1x15+1x16 Reviewed

These were sadly the final two eps of this short-lived vampire PI/love story. I miss this show.

What's Left Behind

Best Lines:
"The monster was in the walls."
"And in the floors and in the ceilings."

"I am going to mace you one of these days."

A boy is abducted from his bed and Mick believes the child may be his
grandson. Cue sepia toned flashbacks to World War 2 which shows Mick
fighting the Hun in Italy (which looks just like California) and then coming
home and bedding his best friend's wife. After the child is rescued, Mick
gets a Maury moment: he is NOT the father. He broods. Meanwhile DA Talbot
knows a lot about Beth and is very interested in her and Mick. This was ok.


Best Lines: "The plague. The plague was big."

A vampire kills a human and is arrested. The homicidal vampire threatens to
reveal her true nature to the cops unless Mick breaks her out of jail, Mick
stages a jailbreak. Meanwhile someone gives Talbot a list of vampire names
and Mick and Beth get it on.

A good swansong for this show. Sure 'Moonlight' could be seen as a sort of
Forever Angel rip-off but I enjoyed it. Oh the curse of liking genre tv. The big unanswered questions are: who gave Talbot the list of vampires and why? Also how does he know about vampires and what is his interest in them? Oh for the season 2 that never was.
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