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The Secret Circle 1x13 + Fringe 4x12 Reviewed


Cassie’s selfish, nothing new there. Cassie’s grandmother is AWOL. Adam’s got over Diana but she wants him back. Jake is a tool. Cassie meets the woman she saw in Jake’s memory. The woman, Lucy, is a psychic.

Cassie’s stupid, nothing new there. The witch hunters are back. Charles gets on his high horse and takes on Ethan. Diana is friendly to Ethan, despite the fact he torpedoed her relationship with Adam.

Ethan plans a party. Melissa and Fay do magic dust. Adam is a pathetic wuss. Dawn gets a shock. Ethan is a loser. Darkness is coming. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Did you dig up your father’s grave?”

“He’s an unstable, pathetic drunk.”

“She’s a creepy little Stepford ghoul.”

“I’ve always been on the right side Dawn and it was never yours.”

Welcome To Westfield

Olivia has sexy Peter dreams. Olivia, Peter and Walter get stuck in a creepy town and meet Cliff (Tim Kelleher, whose acting has not improved since his stint on ‘Dark Skies’)

People wander around the creepy town. This was an awful, awful ep. The main plot arc of season 4 is so slow. Peter still hasn’t copped on that he is home but the timeline has changed. There is still no mention of John Scott. The plot climax of the ‘eye of the storm’ makes no sense. Why would there be an ‘eye of the storm’ if the two Westfield’s are merging?

Best Lines:
“Lower your decibels.”

“I think there’s something off about this entire town.”
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