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White Heat (2012) Episode 1 + Homeland 1x08 Reviewed

The Past is Another Country

The middle aged Charlotte (Juliet Stevenson) arrives at a flat where she used to live in the 1960s. The flat owner (unidentified so far) has died and she and her former flatmates have been summoned to clear it out. So begins this BBC2 would be EVENT drama.

Charlotte wanders around unhappily and has memories of moving in long long ago when she was played by Claire Foy of 'Going Postal'. The landlord is a posh boy named Jack who invites in a diverse group so he can play at social experimentation. He needs a good kicking.

Charlotte wants away from her miserable parents as she is a 60s dolly bird cliché. She dresses like it is the 50s in front of her parents, before changing into the 60s in the back of a taxi and going hitchhiking. On the TV and radio Churchill is dying.

Charlotte doesn’t care about that, she lounges around and watches Lilly a chav art student stick tinfoil to the walls which is still there in the present day. Lilly’s parents want her to work in a shop as art school is anathema to them: “It’s not for the likes of us.”

The fat Northern Ireland flatmate Orla is ignored by all but one person. Orla has to send all her money home for “four wee ones.” Charlotte watches a programme about the pill, reads a ‘sexy’ novel and tries to get a doctor to give her the pill by wearing a fake wedding ring.

Victor is another lonely overlooked flatmate who is patronised by the vile Jack. Churchill dies and the obnoxious Jack has a shouting match with the patriotic working class flatmate. Charlotte for some reason throws herself at Jack.

Lilly strips naked to create ‘art’. Charlotte’s dad wants her to come home and care for her miserable menopausal mother because he’s busy shagging a tart. Charlotte’s mother is bitter with her lot. Charlotte doesn’t care, she is too busy throwing herself at Jack who could care less about her. Charlotte is annoyingly stupid.

Jack’s father Edward (Jeremy Northam) shows up. He is an MP who loathes his moron spawn. Edward invites the patriotic working class lad to attend Churchill’s funeral and visit his club. Edward = best character of this ep. Edward and the working class lad have a chat about the Common Market and what will be known as Concorde. The tosser Jack stews.

Back in the present the older Victor and Lilly (Lindsay Duncan) show up. Lilly and Charlotte’s friendship has obviously ended badly and something seems to have gone wrong between Charlotte and Victor as well. This was a bit dull yet somehow interesting, it reminded me a bit of that old show ‘Reunion’. I’ll keep watching

I can only hope the noxious Jack is dead as with his endless speeches about communal living and a new model of living and his all round jerkass behaviour, I cannot stand him.

Best Lines:
“What sort of godless set up are you running here?”

“Someone, somewhere is out living the life I should have had because I gave it away to the first man I met.”

Achilles Heel

The FBI and CIA are looking for Walker who is lurking in alleys. Jessica and Brody have issues. Saul’s wife leaves him after 25 years. Carrie annoys, in her mind she is the only important person. Saul and Carrie are rude to the FBI.

Brody is being groomed to replace a disgraced politician named Richard Johnson (think about it). Brody’s son is an idiot, an pursuit goes wrong and Brody is proven to be a very good liar. This was dull.
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