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Book Reviews: Blood Games + That Which Divides

Blood Games by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Saint-Germain is in Rome during the reign of Nero. He moves in the highest circles, drawing the attention of the Emperor and Atta Olivia Clemens. Olivia is the abused wife of an ambitious man and Saint-Germain is drawn to her plight.

Saint-Germain has attracted notice and ire, something a vampire should not do. This is good, an absorbing adventure of first century Imperial Rome. It covers years as Emperors fall, rise and fall. Saint-Germain makes yet another enemy in a petty bureaucrat, meets Roger and ends up in the arena. This is dark, sad and has love and loss in equal measure. In other words, this is vintage Saint-Germain.

Star Trek: That Which Divides by Dayton Ward

Like ‘To Brave The Storm’, ‘Rise Like Lions’ and ‘The Rings Of Time’, this was a letdown. It starts out well enough with Kirk and co exploring a spatial rift. They discover the secret of the rift and the planetoid beyond it, then Romulans show up and it all gets boring.

There is a load of uninteresting characters, the plot is a yawner and this is a dull waste of potential. I am hoping for better from the upcoming Trek novels.

Best Line:
“I hope that you did not take offence at her suggestion regarding improper physical relations with your ancestors.”
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