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Retro Review: Star Trek Deep Space Nine 3x20 + 3x21

Improbable Cause

Garak flirts with the oblivious Bashir. How would that work anyway? One is a reptile and the other is a mammal. Then Garak’s shop blows up, already this ep is better than the boring ‘Heart of Stone’. There is no JAG on DS9 as Odo does a solo investigation.

Odo snoops and Garak who looks like he is wearing pyjamas tags along. It is obvious this is from 1995 as the SFX look very dated now. Odo finds stuff out, Romulans show up and Garak’s old mentor Enabran Tain looms. Was Tain’s housekeeper Mila, Garak’s mother?

Odo and Garak find out what is really going on and it is most unexpected. Or not, because seeds had been planted in previous eps. This was okay.

Best Lines:
It dissolved the carpet.”
“Don’t look at me, it’s what they breathe.”

“You are investigating a very insignificant piece of a much larger puzzle.”

“If you believe in coincidence...”

“He retired some years ago. He was, I might add, the only head of the agency who ever lived long enough to do so.”

“Always burn your bridges behind you. You never know who might be trying to follow.”

The Die is Cast

The combined Romulan Tal Shiar/Cardassain Obsidian Order fleet decloak before passing through the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. Why did they decloak? They recloaked as soon as the passed through. Tain and the constipated looking Colonel Lovok (Leland Orser) look forward to their strike on the Founder’s home world. Odo is appalled and Garak is excited.

Back on DS9, Eddington lurks and Sisko is told that the UFP, Romulans and Cardassians are willing to stand by and see if the strike against the Dominion succeeds. Sisko and co take the Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant to get Odo back. Eddington plots, was he in the maquis at this point?

The smug git Garak questions Odo and shows off an anti-shape shifter weapon that was never seen or mentioned again after this ep. Odo wants to go home, the Defiant is sabotaged and the grand attack on the Founder’s home world turns into a disaster.

This was okay, there was to be much fallout from this ep as the Founder’s flexed their might. However the temporary breakdown of relations between the UFP and Klingons was a bit interminable.

Best Lines:
“After four hours of watching you stare at him, he confessed.”

“Sounds like Wolf 359 all over again.”
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