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Buffy The Vampire Slayer #19 Time of Your Life, Part 4

The much delayed Issue 19 is finally out and it's an unmemorable letdown. The much vaunted Buffy/Fray team up fizzles out and the plot makes no real sense. Dark Future Willow orchestrated the whole thing to get Buffy to the future to kill her, selfish Buffy beats up Fray, Xander and Dawn fight forest creatures for no clear reason and Fray's immensely annoying twin brother Harth menaces nobody in particular. Meanwhile Twilight plots with his minions Amy, Warren and Riley. Yes Riley Finn is back to darken the Buffyverse again and he's on Twilight's side.

The problems of Buffy season 8 are on full show here: illogical, paper thin plots, Xander having no purpose, Dawn existing simply to have wacky shapeshifter hijinks, unnecessary fight scenes, selfish Buffy and nobody doing anything to stop Twilight. Riley being on Twilight's side is no real surprise (at least Riley isn't Twilight which was a fan theory for some time) but why is he allied with Twilight? And where is his wife? This Buffy/Fray adventure was a damp squib. Hopefully the next story arc will be better.
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