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Ringer 1x13 Review

It’s Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved

Bridget hangs out with the ex-special forces driver. Her addiction issues seem not to be bothering her anymore. Bridget finds Siobhan’s secret officer and fails to notice Siobhan hiding in the closet. Siobhan lies, Henry is a tool and seems to have forgotten his murdered wife or the fact he has two ignored children.

Catherine and Olivia annoy. Bridget learned Siobhan never forgave her and is a big old liar. Siobhan seems to have an endless money flow. WTF is she up to? What is she plotting?

The case against Carpenter is dropped and he sues for defamation. Nobody ponders the similarities to ‘Wild Things’. And guess what? Tessa, Juliet and Mr Carpenter obviously have seen ‘Wild Things’ as they were all in on it together to get the money from Juliet’s trust fund. She hasn’t changed at all.

Tyler and Henry are played and the busted skank Siobhan has a plan. Bridget is clueless. This was not a good ep, everyone is stupid.

Best Lines:
“He’s got a sterling reputation and Juliet? Not so much.”

“Here’s to spending daddy’s money.”

“She’s got a bleeding heart and a tiny bladder.”
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