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The Secret Circle 1x12 Review


RIP Davy Jones, you were a better actor than Cassie or Jake. Cassie is a moron as she coos over the return of Jake who makes a drama queen entrance. Jake is a troll and for some reason Cassie listens to his smug smirking and agrees to do a spell with him. They want to find out what happened the night of the fire.

Cassie is dumb. The only emotion she and Jake display is dull suprise. Diana is in pain, Adam pants over Cassie and Faye hangs out with hot fake voodoo guy Lee and bad boy Callum who is into Devil's Spirit.

Why is Cassie so into Jake? Charles scowls. Dawn plots and plays Ethan. Cassie is stupid. Charles is the schoolyard bully all grown up but it becomes clear that Ethan has some big dark secrets of his own. He is more than Adam's drunk loser father. Ethan is finally interesting.

Cassie sees 16 years into the past and learns Jake's dad was as big a jackass as his son. She also sees the fire and who started it. She only cares about Jake's dead parents not about Adam or Diana's mothers who also died. Cow. In a weird creepy bit someone in the memory can see Cassie. What?

Cassie finds something of her dad's. Ethan has dark secrets. Charles gets messed up. Dawn has mis-steped. Cassie and Jake desecrate a grave. Faye does more bad things, she takes after her mother. This was good with a lot of set up for later eps.

Bst Line:
"Your circle skanks."
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