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Fringe 4x11 Review

Making Angels

I said back in a season 1 'Fringe' review (for the ep 'Bound' I think) that this show would all make sense in season 4. Well it is season 4 now and it still makes no sense. Alt Astrid pays a visit to herself. The two Astrids bond. It still does not occur to Peter that he is home but the timeline has changed.

Walter annoys and blathers. Observers walk through walls and lurk. The two universes work together (at last) to catch a loon. TPTB continue to ignore the stolen Peter plot I such high hopes for after season 1.

The baddie works in airport security, has an Observer weapon and uses maths to kill or something. He also has a vile mother and is a nut. There is a product placed car and alt Olvia gives Water some bobbins which seem to the alt version of mints. This was good, with some nice hints about observers.

Best Line:
"I always wondered why nobody does that."
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