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Psych 5x12 Review

Dual Spires

Gus and the immatue, smug, thoughtless, obnoxious Shawn stumble into the very small town of Dual Spires in this wonderful 'Twin Peaks' homage. Gus and Shawn have to figure out who killed Paula Merral while dealing with the weird locals.

It guest stars such former 'Twin Peaks' alum as Dana Andrews (old and his acting still hasn't improved since 1990), Robyn Lively (she was in 'Twin Peaks'? I only recall her in 'Savannah'), Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Lenny Von Dohlen (seriously who?), the Log Lady and Ray Wise.

This had some funny moments: the owl and Log Lady moments had me laughing out loud. Naturally this town has a dark secret or two. This was good.

Homages I Spotted:
The choc bunny
The silent drapes joke
Dual Spires' newspaper is called The Great Northern
The Sawmill Diner
Dana Andrews plays Bob
Sheriff Andrew Jackson
Paula Merral is found dead, wrapped in plastic
Leo the cinnamon owl
Sad paino music
Excessive crying
Secret love tokens
Paula's diary
Deputy Frost whose only lines are bizarre
The bird
Cherry coke
The opening credits
Sheryl Lee plays Dr Donna Gooden
Randy dresses the way Bobby did in 1990.
A golf book by Earl Wyndam
Paula's mother is called Lucy
Julee Cruise sings
The arson
Paula's homecoming photo
The roadhouse
A giant
The jukebox and dancing
Jack has one eye
The Moose head

Best Lines:
"Folks decided a basic landline was fine with them."

"It's a little dramatic."

"Waiting for corpses to resurface is a passion in my life."

"We would lip synch to old records together."

"He crumbled like feta."

"What is it with all the secret relationships in this town? It's like 'General Hospital'."

"We were about to be wickermen."

"The Village was a ridiculous film. Those We Do Not Speak Of."

"Everyone looks so happy, yet so perplexed"

"Living in the same inlet town with no cars, cellphones or internet."

"The town gets together every thursday night to watch reruns of 'Everwood'."
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