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Masters of Horror: Deer Woman Review

Brian Benben (who starred in the memorable 'Dream On') plays a cop whose investigation of some very bizarre deaths lead him to the conclusion that a creature from Native American mythology is behind it all. This is a goodish blackly comic tale directed by John Landis. It has bizarre comedy, weird dead bodies covered in hoof prints, mean deer, a pouty lipped killer who doesn't speak and a shout out to 'An American Werewolf in London'. However the story doesn't reach an actual conclusion, it just stops as if Landis ran out of story.

Best Lines:
"A deer rips this guy's truck door off, beats him with a sledge hammer until he looks like surrealist art and then what? Retires to his chateau in the woods to plan his next attack?"

"Maybe the girl beat him to death with a deer leg."
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