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The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff Ep 2 Review

Like the new Monica & Brandy song, this show is sort of a letdown. Jedrington thinks his wife is dead after throwing herself into the Thames in shame at being French. But she's not dead. She's lost her memory and hanging out with a crone. Victor escapes from St Nasty's School, Victoria is in peril and Jedrington's friend from the Christmas ep dies cursing him. Jedrington is sad all round.

The evil dude has an evil sidekick and they do maniacal laughter, Jedrington heads for the End-It-All Dock and his loyal servant tries to save the day. But has the evil dude's evil version of 'A Christmas Carol' doomed Mr Secret-Past? This was okay.

Best Lines:
"Pre-Raphaelite pervert!"

"Kind words don't butter parsnips."

"Poke the begger."

"Sod off obvious toff."

"Too late life-ruiner!"

"Back to sleeping on gravel then."
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