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I have had enough of badly written teen angst, so am not reading/reviewing 'Rotters' or 'The Pledge'. But will hopefully be reading/reviewing 'Dinosaur Fantastic', 'Dragon Fantastic',  'Assigned!', 'Merlin' and 'Beswitched'.

I read the casting spoiler for 'The Walking Dead' series 3, maybe that will enliven the show. How did TPTB make zombies so BORING?

Saw the set photos from 'Star Trek 2', nice but please not Khan. NOT Khan!

I am reading 'Blood Games'.

'The Raven' trailer
Over acted and dumb.

'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Quotes:
"After today the only real threat to us from the Alpha Quadrant are the Klingons and the Federation and I doubt that either of them will be a threat for much longer."

"James T Kirk."
"The one and only."
"Seventeen separate temporal violations - the biggest file on record."
"The man was a menace."

'Blood Games' Quote:
"Britannia is a mad place...I heard a tribune say that they paint themselves blue."
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