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Ringer 1x12 Review

What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?

Siobhan is all over the wet rag Henry. As for Henry, he does not care about his dead wife or his kids. Juliet's drunken mother (Andrea Roth of 'The Club') shows up to hate on Bridget and tell Juliet she is trash.

Siobhan plays Tyler, sells Bridget's ring and has a shadow network of minions. What is she up to? For someone so crafty, WTF is her obsession with Henry? Juliet may be lying about Mr C, seriously has no-one seen 'Wild Things'?!?

Bridget gets close to the truth, Victor is dumb, Henry is a tool and Jimmy annoys. There is a nice ending and I'm liking the mystery. It reminds me of 'Hidden Palms' in a way. This was good.

Best Lines:
"You know what Siobhan? You can suck it."

"Your mom was a bitch too."

"Husband stealing pig!"
"Oh screw you bitch!"
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