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Retro Review: Star Trek Deep Space Nine 3x04


From 1994: Dax has sudden mood swings, visions and gets violent. So Bashir and Sisko take Dax (and her council facelift hairdo) on the Defiant to the Trill Homeworld. What would happen if the Dominion attacked? Dunno. Bashir wears shiny blue old man pjs and tells a tale of his youth that does not match with his big secret that came out several seasons later. Trill is a lovely matte painting.

Why is Dax banging at a piano, freaking out over chess and screaming? Well that would be telling. There is a horrendous female guest star who has problems with the technobble and pronounces Jadzia, Torias, Bashir, Belar and symbiont in a multiude of different ways.

Jadzia, Bashir and Sisko visit the Guardians in the caves where the unjoined symbionts live. It becomes clear there are secrets, Jadzia twitches and there is a dull suprise climax. Dax takes a bath and the day is saved. This was enjoyable.

Best Lines:
"Beets are a very misunderstood vegetable."

"Can't get it out of my mind."
"Do me a favour, try."
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