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Retro Review: Mann And Machine (1992) Eps 1 - 4

This came from the creators of 'Law and Order' and starred David Andrews as
Bobby Mann, which is the worst name ever. This is what they thought the 21st century would be like in 1992. It has a certain charm mostly due to Yancy Butler as Eve.

Mann and Eve investigate a super gun, a case that implicates a friend of Mann's. Bobby is horrified at first that his new partner Eve is a robot but he gets over it soon enough. Their UST never came to anything. Nor was there any tedious 'Battlestar'/'Caprica' 'what measure is a human?' crap. This was good.

The Dating Game
A killer is targeting women at a dating agency so Eve goes undercover. There are no matches for Eve, aawwwww. But she does get a date with a foul sports star (Richard Burgi) who tries it on and gets beat up. Has a cameo by Kate Hodge of 'She-Wolf of London'. This was good but the horrible horrible dated 'fashion' is an eyesore.

No Pain, No Gain
There are murders for body parts. Eve and Mann go undercover at a fascist gym and as an infertile couple trying to buy a testicle. Mann says he knows a man who sold his spleen to put his kids through college. This was Dick Wolf's vision of the 2000's: advanced robotics, body parts on the open market, everyone dressing like it is the 80s, 80s hair and everything looking shiny but no recession, no internet, no mobile phones and people rent movies from DiscBuster. This was good. The baddie of the week is a creepy surgeon (Tobin Bell) who chains people up, renders them brain dead and steals their organs.

Best Line:
"It was the exercise, must have been a shock to your system."

Water, Water, Everywhere
Mann and Eve have to solve the case of a contaminated reservoir. Also Mann's food writer neighbour Eric (Curtis Armstrong) wants to be a crime reporter, tags along with Mann and Eve and makes a chilli eating challenge that goes badly for him. This was good. People pose in outfits that would later show up on 'Wild Palms' and someone drives a DeLorean (off screen).

Best Lines:
"My teeth are melting!"

"The traditional meal of Aztec assassins before suicide missions...after eating one of these it is said that the warriors would lust for a quick and violent death."

"They also caught that sniper and I smell a miniseries...by the way the Skin Department says it's Factor 40 sunblock if you're heading outdoors today. And I'd take that seriously if you're not looking for a long stay in the graft unit of your local hospital."
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