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Retro Review: Mann and Machine (1992) 1x05

Five minutes in the future, cop Bobby Mann has a new partner Eve Edison (Yancy Butler of 'Witchblade') who is a robot. Only 9 eps were made.

Torch Song
The opening credits are cheesy and very, very 90s. Eve continues to be highly intelligent and emotionally childlike. Bobby continues to fancy her. Louise a singer wails and can't act. Her sister was murdered and she has a stalker. But she's so OTT, nobody but Eve believes her.

The singer is a nut, her stalker is nuttier and Eve saves the day. Bobby has a boring fishing subplot. Eve gets a dress up montage, Louise sings a torch song cover of 'Suspicious Minds', there is bad acting, Eve sports a side ponytail and this was dull and dreadful. The other 8 eps were better.

Best Line:
"Back on the airwaves after that last FCC raid!"
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