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Retro Review: Stargate Atlantis 2x08


Colonel Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) is turning into a bug or something after he got scratched by a wraith in the previous ep. He only got scratched because for some reason he took his jacket off to fight the wraith. Also creator's pet Rodney whines.

Sheppard's mental and physical change is very rapid as he becomes aggressive and is caked in blue makeup. Teyla and Weir worry about him. Caldwell annoys and tries to steal Sheppard's job. I once liked this ep but in retrospect it is rather boring.

Carson, technobabble and some fake egg sacks save the day. Bug Sheppard gurns and in the ep's tag Sheppard is hot again. This show had so much promise in season 1 before it was all pissed away on replicators, Asgard, too much Rodney, Genii, Wraith and 'SG1' guest stars.

Best Lines:
"The last thing I want to do is sit on my mutating hands."

"My body's mutating into a bug. How are you?"
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