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The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (2012) Ep 1 review

This is ep 1 of 3 after the Christmas special. However no plots from the Christmas special are carried over in this ep. Mr Secret-Past teams up with Harmswell Grimstone in a business deal. Grimstone is massively evil and more foul then the 'Jersey Shore' hot tub.

Mr Secret-Past is oblivious as his son is carried off to an evil boarding school, his daughter is locked up by a crazy governess and his wife is driven to suicide after being told all she is fit for is pretty simpering. This is okay and far less ludicrious then series 2 of 'Downton Abbey' especially that ep where almost everyone came down with Spanish Flu at a dinner party. There is a hilarious newspaper headline: 'Queen sadder and wider then ever'.

Best Lines:
"Delight the children! Hypnotise the cat! Fish-on-a-string!"

"I'm already drunk."
"The only way to be for any massive life decision."

"Contract may contain traces of evil."
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