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The Untouchables (1993-1994) 1x08 + 1x13 Reviewed

A Tale of Two Fathers Part 2

Ness looks unkempt and the misunderstanding with Malone is cleared up. Capone is a family man when he’s not going nuts over the Slag Heap Killer. The cops object to Ness being involved in the murder hunt and arrest him. Ness overacts some more and SHOUTS A LOT while locked up in a cell.

Malone head butts a cop. Capone leads a lynch mob against a man he thinks is the killer but he has the wrong man. Ness and Malone are on the trail of the real killer and intimidate some obnoxious frat boys. The real creepy killer is located.

Capone is going even more nuts, is it the syphilis? Ness overacts and he and Capone have a stare down. The truce is over and the epic battle between the adversaries continues. Or at least until Capone is jailed for tax evasion and prohibition is repealed. This wasn’t as good as part one.

Best Line:
“This doesn’t change a thing.”


Malone recalls how his wife and her bad Orish accent were blown up by a car bomb. Malone goes out drinking and wakes up not remembering what he did the night before and he is a suspect in a murder. Someone shot the man who blew up his wife and everyone thinks Malone did it.

There’s a car chase in vintage cars. There’s a bad brawl between Ness and Malone and Malone punches Ness out even though his fist obviously misses Ness’ face by inches. Capone holds a press conference and denounces Malone, Ness and their “goon squad”.

Ness walks around with a black eye looking grim and then Malone points a gun at his face. Robbins looks like a homeless man and Michael Horse of ‘Twin Peaks’ is in this ep. The cops have an almighty dislike for Malone. No Christian standards here as Malone is tossed into jail with people he sent there. People are turning in their prison cells with glee.

The real killer is located and he tries to kill Ness and co by waving two tommy guns around. Malone deals with him. This was a bit dull, there was more action in that old Steven Segal movie ‘Out for Justice’ when his character and William Forsythe’s brawled.

Best Line:
“Every cop in this town hates me. And you.”
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