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The Untouchables (1993-1994) 1x07 + Cold Case 4x06 Reviewed

A Tale of Two Fathers Part 1

A killer is on the loose in Chicago. This show had nice opening credits and nice music. Ness (Tom Amandes of 'Everwood' and 'Eastwick') overacts, Al Capone (William Forsythe) overacts and both vow to stop the Slag Heap Killer.

A nun gets money out of Capone. One of Ness' men Robbins (David James Elliot) walks by the camera. Malone (John Rhys-Davies) overacts. Ness' wife can't act and neither can Capone's wife. Capone yells at the mayor about the murders. The Mayor could care less so Capone has the mayor's car shot up. An annoying reporter lurks. Ness works for the Treasury Department so the murders are out of his jurisdiction but he's Elliot Ness and can do what he likes.

Ness and his waist-coats are cracking up. Malone worries about Ness and follows him. Ness gets a phone call and goes to a church. Where he and Al Capone have a cold meeting. They decide to work together to catch the killer. Naturally Malone takes this meeting the wrong way. This was good, shame this show isn't on DVD. Ness is self righteous, Capone is smug, together they solve crime!

Best Lines:
"I can go to places, you don't even know exist."

"Bored with your day job Ness?"
"I'm here as a concerned citizen."
"Yeah and I'm all concerned a keg of beer is being sold. But you don't see me nosing around on your highly publicised raids now do you?"

The 'suicide' of a 1958 DJ is re-opened. Lying liar who lies Scotty Valens has drive his brother Mike into a nervous breakdown. Scotty is a sniveling weasel as an adult and was a malevolent child. Once upon a time wasn't this a good show?
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