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Book Review: Night Child

Night Child by Jes Battis

This is one of the better urban fantasy novels. Tess Corday is an OSI (an Occult Special Investigator) who seems to have fallen off the promotion merry-go-round a long time ago due to her bad attitude. Then one night she's called to a crime scene that changes her life. The murder victim is a vampire, nothing unusual there. What is usual is the cause of death.

Despite warnings from her boss about protocol, Tess realises the dead vampire is just one small piece of a much larger puzzle. And just like her 'CSI: Miami' counterpart Horatio Caine, Tess is going to solve this murder and save the day all by herself, workplace regulations be damned.

Along the way to her goal she encounters over-sexed vampires, assassin demons and a necromancer who she is attracted to in a very unholy manner. The resolution is a bit pat and predictable and the sequel is set up in a blatant and extremely unsubtle manner. But despite that this is a lushly written novel that evokes its otherworldly otherness very well. The world building and magic system are done very well. This is a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a great series.
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