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Book Reviews: Lace + Irredeemable Vol 8

Lace by Shirley Conran

A classic women's novel from the 1980's. Four women are summoned to a hotel by Lili, a porn star turned international film star who demands to know which of them is her mother. The novel flashes back 30 years to show how Judy, Kate, Pagan and Maxine met in Switzerland. They became friends, had bad romances and one of them got knocked up.

Time passes and they grow up, get careers and have more bad romances. Meanwhile a child named Lili grows up, has a happy life that then goes bad and is exploited and abused. There is a happy ending more or less. This is good soapy reading.

Best Line:
"They all practiced significant looks in the darkness."

Irredeemable Vol 8 created and written by Mark Waid

The Plutonian returns to Earth with his new sidekicks. The Survivor cracks up. A new plan is hatched to stop the crazy Plutonian but there will be a heavy price. Bette Noir returns to annoy. Someone else returns, someone dies and someone finally learns their origins. This was very good. I am really enjoying this series.

Best Lines:
"We can protect five billion people. That is our job."
"No. That is our damnation."

"Madness lives in the skies and obliterates lives without warning."

"Here's a tip: it doesn't go well for the recoilers."

"We expect what's left of the entire world to be watching this speech."
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