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Fringe 4x08 Review

Back To Where You've Never Been

Peter wants to go home. Walter is unhelpful, Olivia and Lincoln Lee are smug liars and Walternate is constipated. Plus alt Olivia and alt Lincoln Lee are annoying. Hijinks in a public restroom are not what them seem. Shapeshifters lurk. Peter and Lincoln Lee cross over. Peter meets alt Elizabeth. There's no alt Charlie.

Someone is evil. David Robert Jones (Jared Harris and his bad skin) is alive. An Observer shows up and does his usual talking like Marilyn Monroe on seconal act. This was okay. Who shot the Observer? What's up with the shapeshifters? What is the point of either of the Lincoln Lee's? Season 4 is getting a bit better.

Best Lines:
"So clearly in the other universe, I'm a nutjob."

"The Amber riots of '06."

"What the hell is this?"
"This is where we're holding you."
"It's a maintenance closet."
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