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Heroes 3x09 Review

It's Coming

Best Lines: "Last time I tried to tell anybody anything like this, my brother came back from the future and shot me. Twice."

"How could this happen? Captain America DIED? Spiderman revealed his secret identity! And the Hulk is RED!? What's going on?!"

What's coming? Cancellation? No, another eclipse. But before that, Hiro now has the mind of a 10 year old. So no change there. Nathan's religious awakening and his Senate seat seem to have been forgotten. Sylar is woobified even more. Mohinder continues his experiments, why he is doing this or why he wanted powers isn't explained. What the eclipse has to do with powers isn't explained as people had powers long before the eclipse seen in the 'Pilot'. Somehow the '9th Wonders' comic is still being published and giving dumb clues, despite the fact Isaac is dead.

The heroes (or some of them anyway) split into two teams. Team Good and Team Evil.

Team Evil: Arthur, Sylar, Elle, Flint, Tracy and Knox.

Team Good: Peter, Daphne, Claire, Nathan, Matt and Angela.

This was a boring episode. The show's stock tropes of: hero shots, time freezing, a stylised look and comic book references aren't working anymore. The idiot Sylar woobifying, blatantly trying to justify keeping Claire on the show by having her be the catalyst, Mohinder and Tracy becoming villains for no clear reason and having Peter and Hiro act like morons is what is killing this show.
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